The day I discovered the piano score of Liszt’s “Obermann’s Valley” I was spellbound by this music .Where was this valley that had inspired liszt?. My search led me to “ Senancour” an unknown almost forgotten French author. In his book “Obermann” , eighty-nine letters speak of his social maladjustment and sentimental hardships and failures. This book had greatly influenced Liszt, and I, inspired by his music, had entitled a series of paintings “ Obermann’s valley”, this before knowing that Senancour was at the source of this artistic encounter .I came to imagine an ensemble of eighty-nine paintings, one for each letter, ( 89”X144”) gathered on three large panels with a structure that can be easily be dismantled. Jean–Marie Bastien conceived and built an auxiliary mechanism allowing my aluminium mesh figures to evolve in constant metamorphosis in this new space

Two panels regrouping 89 thoughts from Senancour’s Obermann

Mecanism conceived and built by Jean Marie Bastien cycle 3 minutes aluminium mesh figures dby Suzanne Howard


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